Myungsoo sheds tears on a TV show「News」

Group Infinite recently decided to stop appearing on the show The Birth of a Family. Pictures of L shedding tear were recently released and caught the public’s attention.

The February 11 episode of KBS’s The Birth of a Family will air Infinite members spending the last day with Jindo dogs that the members have been living with.

Cameras showed tears streaming down her face as she made the decision to quit.

The dogs were saved from people who raised them as food. Then the members have been taking care of the dogs for three months. However, since the Jindo Dogs develops a fierce loyalty to their owners, the members have to give the dogs away to new owner before the dogs think the members are their owners.

According to the production crew, Infinite members tried hard to smile during the shooting. But while they were talking to the dog’s new owner at night, L’s tears fell in big drops.

The three dogs grew up quickly and healthily while they were living with Infinite member for three months. The last story of Infinite and the three dogs will air on The Birth of a Family.


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