Dongwoo Twitter update!

느하하 떨리는 토요일~.~ 불타는 토요일!~ 기분좋은 날 입안도 녹여드려요 온몸에 긴장도 풀풀풀…모양이 복숭아같지않아요!? 이제 곧 만나서 모두! 사랑을 나눠요(?)(!) 추신≒ 왕추위니까 두텁게 입으시지요♪

Translation: Neuhaha, a nervous Saturday ~.~ A burning Saturday!~ A good day. Even the inside of your mouth will be melted. All the tense feelings in your body will also vanish… Doesn’t the shape of this look like a peach!? Let’s meet soon and share! love with everyone(?)(!) P.S ≒ Since it’s really cold, wear your clothes thickly ♪

Source: @ddww1122


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