INFINITE to unveil a new song at the exclusive concert on 1st April

Infinite will unveil a new song at their encore concert.

At the concert, titled Second Invasion-Evolution, scheduled to be held on April 1 at the Gymnastics Stadium at Olympic Park, the new song will be unveiled through Sung Kyu’s individual performance.

Last year, Infinite held the first exclusive concert in Japan. After that, they held the first exclusive concert in Korea, the second exclusive concert in Japan, and the encore concert in Korea again. The tickets for all four concerts have been sold out.

As new songs of Infinite’s new album, which will be released in May, are released at the encore concert, Infinite’s agency is paying special attention to the security so that they don’t get leaked out. Infinite members also say, “We’re practicing really hard, thinking that it’s not an encore concert but our first concert.”

Infinite are planning to give various different performances at a larger concert hall, trying to make it better than the first exclusive concert held last month.

Woollim Entertainment, Infinite’s agency, says, “This encore concert is an upgraded version of the first one. Infinite will give various different performances. It will be one of the best concerts of Infinite as they will try to interact with their fans as close as possible.”

People responded: “I’m so excited about Infinite’s new song,” “I really want to go to the concert and hear Infinite’s new song,” “I’m so curious about what kind of song it will be,” “I’m so thrilled by Infinite’s new song.”

Source: TVReport

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