INFINITE’s Be Mine rank #2 on Oricon Chart Japan

Idol group INFINITE is performing brilliantly in Japan capturing the interest of many.

INFINITE released their second single ‘Be Mine’ in Japan on April 18 and the group sold 28,192 copies on the first day of the release. ‘Be Mine’ ranked second place on Oricon daily chart as well.

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INFINITE’s Encore Concert Huge Success ‘Dazzled the World’ 「News」

Popular idol group INFINITE has driven 15,000 enthusiastic fans wild once again in a month and a half.

INFINTIE encore concert ‘Second Invasion –Evolution’ took place today at Seoul Olympic Park Gymnastics Arena. The group opened the stage with their hit songs ‘Come Back Again,’ continuing on with ‘Be Mine,’ ‘White Confession (Lately) and individual performances as well.

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INFINITE Interview ODINA Magazine 「Translation」


1993.09.03 / 179cm / Blood type: A / Vocal / Infinite’s youngest

Although his feminine qualities became hot topics such as his pretty skin that all the members are jealous of or his specialty being girl group dance covers, he recently graduated high school and after hitting the Korean age of 20, his ‘masculinity’ rose up in one shot! He did the unexpected by enthusiastically performed the sexy and masculine part of Hyunseung for the performance of ‘Trouble Maker’ with Sungyeol during the Japanese concert in February. Sungjong said, “I wanted to create a gap,” to which Sungyeol replied, “I let him do it to commemorate him turning 20 years old.”

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