INFINITE’s Encore Concert Huge Success ‘Dazzled the World’ 「News」

Popular idol group INFINITE has driven 15,000 enthusiastic fans wild once again in a month and a half.

INFINTIE encore concert ‘Second Invasion –Evolution’ took place today at Seoul Olympic Park Gymnastics Arena. The group opened the stage with their hit songs ‘Come Back Again,’ continuing on with ‘Be Mine,’ ‘White Confession (Lately) and individual performances as well.

Also the members parodied the tvN ‘Shut Up Flower Boy Band’ starring INFINITE member L showing a fun performance for the fans to enjoy.

INFITNIE dressed in an impressive costume with white tone and gold decorations returned with ‘Come Back Again’ responding to the fans cheer that filled up the entire stadium. After the performance INFINITE shared, “We are holding the encore concert after a month and a half. We have prepared many different repertoires so we hope you enjoy the show.”

INFINITE then performed ‘Hysterie,’ and ‘Shot.’ As it was the first performance of ‘Shot’ fans cheers seemed louder. It was reported that INFINITE has been staying up all night to practice for the concert.

Performing ‘Tic Toc,’ and ‘Wings’ showing off their perfect synchronized dance moves known to be their trademark along with masculine charm. INFINTIE who led the concert with powerful songs in the beginning changed the tone to more emotional songs. Their excellent vocal skills comparable to their dance skills are enough to know the reason why the fans have gathered after a month and half once again.

In addition INFINITE member Hoya revealed his six-pack abs, taking off his top driving the fans wild, Sungjong showed his sexy dance through ‘Adult Ceremony.’

The concert is an encore performance to their first concerts which took place in February and yet fans still flocked to attend again. Also five of their songs performances including the opening was broadcasted live through YouTube. This is meaningful that it is the very first for a K-Pop star to be broadcasting their concert live worldwide.

INFINITE who sold out their last three concerts is preparing for their album to make a comeback in May.


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