INFINITE ‘The Chaser’ All-Kill Major Online Music Chart

INFINITE accomplished all-kill in major music chart.

Idol group INFINITE’s new single ‘The Chaser,’ title song of their 3rd mini-album ‘INFINITIZE’ achieved an all-kill on top 6 Korean major online real-time music charts such as Melon, Mnet, Cyworld, Bugs Music, Olleh Music and Soribada.

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INFINITE Showcase in 5 Cities in a Day Completed Successfully with 70,000 Fans

A showcase that is to cover 5 cities in a day is unheard of INFINITE shared, “n the beginning we wondered whether this can really happen. However as everyone joined together in one heart we made it possible. We weren’t able to meet our fans in other cities and today we were happy to meet them up close and personal. We are surprised that we were able to make the showcase happen.”

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INFINITE releases Preview video for their Comeback Album 12/05/14

With the day of their comeback so near, INFINITE has released a preview of their new album.

On May 14th, INFINITE released the tracklist containing the 7 songs that will be on their third mini-album ‘INFINITIZE‘ through their official homepage and also allowed their fans to listen to 20 seconds of each of the songs beforehand, thereby receiving a hot wave of responses from their fans.

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INFINITE Teaser of New Single ‘The Chaser’, Movie? Or Music Video?

INFINITE revealed the teaser of their title song for upcoming new album as their comeback is drawing closer.

The title song ‘The Chaser’ teaser video was released through YouTube from yesterday midnight. It garnered a lot of attentions as their music video teaser has three essential elements that resemble a blockbuster movie such as scale, spectacle, and story.

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INFINITE Release Digital Single ‘Only Tears’ to Celebrate 700 Days 12/05/08

INFINITE releases digital single ‘Only Tears’ ballad song as the group prepares for their comeback.

‘Only Tears’ is produced by hit maker Sweet Tune showcasing the emotional and beautiful string melody. The lyrics depict a man who believes he is unable to make the girl he loves to be happy. The song was first performed by Sunggyu during INFINITE‘s encore concert ‘Second Invasion Evolution’ in April.

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