INFINITE Teaser of New Single ‘The Chaser’, Movie? Or Music Video?

INFINITE revealed the teaser of their title song for upcoming new album as their comeback is drawing closer.

The title song ‘The Chaser’ teaser video was released through YouTube from yesterday midnight. It garnered a lot of attentions as their music video teaser has three essential elements that resemble a blockbuster movie such as scale, spectacle, and story.

The 30 seconds short teaser has heightened the expectations towards the new song as it displayed a lifelike, spectacular performance that matches to the title of the song ‘The Chaser.’

Woollim Entertainment shared the production of the music video used a special technique of 360 degree revolution camera that is used in movies to make the scene of the car accidentt more realistic.

INFINITE is preparing for a one day non-stop grand scale showcase in 5 cities in Korea in celebration to the release of their new comeback album on May 15th.

Check out the teaser below:


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