INFINITE releases Preview video for their Comeback Album 12/05/14

With the day of their comeback so near, INFINITE has released a preview of their new album.

On May 14th, INFINITE released the tracklist containing the 7 songs that will be on their third mini-album ‘INFINITIZE‘ through their official homepage and also allowed their fans to listen to 20 seconds of each of the songs beforehand, thereby receiving a hot wave of responses from their fans.

Although this preview only released very brief snippets, it seems that it has temporarily quenched the thirst of Korean fans as well as that of fans from all over Asia, as the songs give off the feeling that INFINITE has improved in their abilities even more, impressing with these musical compositions from a variety of genres.

In particular, since their debut over a year ago, they’ve ascended in ranks in Korea and have become one of the trendiest large groups in Asia. INFINITE’s 2012 first comeback album is already receiving a lot of attention, and with this album, INFINITE plans to show that they will be ‘K-POP representative musicians’ that can hold onto the popular appeal as well as their musicianship while being not limited to just one genre but able to digest all musical genres.

This new mini-album starts off with the strong and powerful intro track ’INFINITIZE‘ and includes the title song ‘The Chaser‘ whose melody, with its modernized and sophisticated beats, allows it to stand out amongst the rest. Next is ‘Feel So Bad,’ which has a beautiful strings tune that meshes well with its funky beat, making it quite appealing. Released last year was INFINITE’s first full-length album <Over the Top> and their repackaged album <Paradise>, both of which contained a hidden track on the physical versions of the albums, and now, a new arrangement of that song called ‘That Summer‘ will be included on this new mini-album. Other tracks include ‘Only Tears,’ a ballad that received a lot of love when it was revealed at their encore concert; the upbeat ‘I Like You,’ a song whose focus seems to be on the addicting guitar riffs that are reminiscent of the rhythms of U2; and ‘With…,’ an impressive song written by lyricist Kim In Na with a beautiful and heartwarming melody that reminds one of the ’80s-90s. Each song is bursting with the different charms of INFINITE.

INFINITE’s agency Woollim Entertainment remarked,

“Recently the tendency in the music market for idols is to excessively release things in the singles market, but if more of us can praise INFINITE’s music with the opening of this form of a full-length album preview, we wanted to do it. We are confident of the album’s quality.”

In the meantime, INFINITE’s third mini-album <INFINITIZE> will go on sale on May 15th. On the same day, INFINITE is scheduled to fully kick off their promotional activities with Asia’s largest one-day nonstop showcase, during which they will visit and perform in Gwangju, Busan, Daegu, Daejeon and Seoul, all in one day.

Check out the preview of their album’s tracks below!


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