INFINITE – The Chaser (추격자) Full M/V Released

The wait is over Inspirts! After releasing their mini album yesterday Infinite has finally revealed their full music video, for their title track: “The Chaser.”

The beginning of the music video features Infinite’s intro song “Infinitize.” The moment the boys start to dance is when the song “The Chaser” begins. 

This music video was actually very well made. The song “The Chaser” is about a girl who leaves a boy. The boy claims it’s okay she can abandon him but that does not mean he has to give up his love for her. He says he will win back her love. This then ties into the music video. Throughout the music video there is a key that is present in several scenes with the members.  We believe the key represents the  power to gain the girls heart because in the end Sungjong was the only one with the key and he had the powers to unlock a box. This is our take on the music video.  Check out the video below and tells us what you think the music video is about.

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