Sunggyu, “Our Members Keep Making Up Stories To Get Attention on TV”

INFINITE’s Sunggyu confessed in place of other members.

SBS ‘Strong Heart’ aired on June 5, Sunggyu said, “Our members keep lying. It’s been 2 years since our debut so they know what kind of things will get them more camera time. So they keep making up stories. But the stories they make are usually targeted at me.”

He continued, “At the question of if we have problems with our leader, Hoya mentioned ‘When the camera turns off Sunggyu asks us to focus on him when the camera is off’, lying. And if it seems a bit funny, then other members start making more characters about me. I’m only 24, but they gave me the nickname ‘oldie'”, arousing laughter.

Super Junior leader Leeteuk also added, “My nickname is ‘oldie’ too”, arousing even more laughter.

Photo: SBS

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