INFINITE participate in the 2012 UNICEF Campaign「News」

INFINITE will participate in the 2012 UNICEF Campaign.

INFINITE will promote the 2012 Birthday Donation Campaign with UNICEF.

The 2012 Birthday Donation Campaign is an event to give gifts to the children all over the world by donating birthdays, which started last year.

INFINITE will extend the scale of the campaign by adding new projects they personally planned.

UNICEF is created by the United Nations to help children regardless of nationality, race, ideology, religion, and gender. In Korea, Ahn Sung Ki, Lee Byung Hun, and Won Bin are working as goodwill ambassadors.

INFINITE say, “We’re very honored to participate in such a meaningful campaign. As the Birthday Donation Campaign needs many people’s support, we’re looking forward to it.”

As all INFINITE members and their fans can participate in the campaign, many INFINITE fans are showing their interest.

INFINITE fans responded: “We’re so happy that we can offer help,” “We’ll support the campaign together!” “It’s more meaningful because we can do something good with INFINITE.”


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