INFINITE reveals the hard work behind their perfect dance moves「News」

Without a doubt, INFINITE is one of the first names thought of at the mention of perfectly synchronized dance moves. Right from their debut, the boys have earned the attention left and right for their impeccable synchronization and teamwork.

On the June 15th broadcast of KBS‘s ‘Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook‘, the boys were asked about just that, to which leader Sunggyu revealed that the secret to their synchronization was all in the practice. “We practiced our dancing for 18 hours a day. Before our debut, we’d start dancing as soon as we opened our eyes. With all the hours of dance practice, we got injured a lot and even had to be carried out on stretchers at times.”

While fans might expect the boys to give the practice a rest after all the preparations they’ve gone through, Sunggyu explained that even at their busiest, they still try to fit in time for practice. “Our schedule’s been busy lately so we practice about four hours a week,” he said.

The boys also showcased their perfectly synced choreography on the show with their performances of “The Chaser” and “Be Mine“, which you can check out below!

Source + Photos: Newsen via

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