INFINITE’s Sunggyu serenades the ladies with his ballad performance on ‘Immortal Song 2′

INFINITE member Sunggyyu successfully completed his first ‘Immortal Song 2‘ performance.

For Part II of the ‘Yang Hee Eun Special‘ of Immortal Song 2, Sunggyu melted the hearts of the ladies in the audience with his emotional ballad performance.

This was his first performance after joining the program last week, and fans were eagerly awaiting the performance by INFINITE’s charismatic leader.

Sunggyu looked rather nervous for his first performance and said, “I didn’t understand when Woohyun was nervous when he was on ‘Immortal Song 2′, but now I think I know why.”

But as soon as he stepped on stage and began to sing, Sunggyu displayed his stable vocals while confidently performing Yang Hee Eun’s “Impossible Love“.

Yang Hee Eun who was blown away by his rendition remarked, “This is a song I sang when I too was young, and it reminds me of my yesteryears.”

Check out the clips below

Source & Photo

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