Kim Jang Hoon thoughtfully sacrifices dressing room for idol group INFINITE

Singer Kim Jang Hoon gave up his dressing room for junior idol group INFINITE.

The photo below recently surfaced on an online community site with the caption, ‘Kim Jang Hoon Dressing Room Donation‘. The photo was previously shared on INFINITE member Sungyeol‘s Twitter page, where he had written, “Senior Kim Jang Hoon donated the dressing room,” while also stating that his senior’s new song “Sunny Day” is ‘daebak‘.

Artists in Korea often share dressing rooms before performing on music programs, and the photo was of the note in front of the dressing room that INFINITE and Kim Jang Hoon were scheduled to share for Music Bank

But instead of sharing the room, Kim Jang Hoon had written, “You guys use the room comfortably. I’ll be in the restroom on the second floor. You’ll never find a senior like this, hah.”

This was a thoughtful gesture on Kim Jang Hoon’s part, thinking of the INFINITE members who could have been uncomfortable sharing a room with a major senior such as himself.

Member Sungyeol who was doubtful that Kim Jang Hoon would actually be in the restroom later went to go find him, and sure enough, he was there. He updated fans with a proof-shot of Kim Jang Hoon posing inside the restroom.

“What a funny guy,” netizens wrote in response to the photos, along with “People are donating dressing rooms now?”, “This is hilarious“, and more.

Source & @Seongyeol1991

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