INFINITE meet a child suffering from epilepsy

The members of INFINITE and G.NA recently met with a child, Eun Sub Yi, who is suffering from epilepsy.

The life story of Eun Sub Yi will be featured on the upcoming June 26th episode of SBS‘s ‘The Most Beautiful Journey in the World’. Because the boy’s mother was experiencing pre-eclampsia, a medical condition in which one has high blood-pressure during pregnancy, she underwent emergency surgery in order to give birth to him. Eun Sub Yi was consequently born with brain damage, and was placed in an incubator immediately for a month.

Presently, Eun Sub Yi is unable to completely communicate by himself. He frequently experiences spasms and stiffness in his muscles. Yet despite the pain and difficulties, it is said that Eun Sub Yi is always able to greet people with an angelic and innocent smile.

8 months ago, however, Eun Sub Yi’s mother was hospitalized for a cerebral hemorrhage. Ever since, the hospital’s nurses have been attending to the child while his mother recovers.

During his struggle with his difficult situation, Eun Sub Yi has requested ‘The Most Beautiful Journey in the World’ production crew to fulfill one wish. As he enjoys watching performances via music programs, he asked if he could take a short visit to one of them in order to see the singers in person.

And so, Eun Sub Yi was given the chance to visit the ‘Inkigayo’ broadcasting site in order to meet INFINITE and G.NA. The production crew was also able to provide Eun Sub Yi a portable wheelchair in order to make the trip easier for him.

Eun Sub Yi’s happy visit to ‘Inkigayo’ will air through SBS on June 26th.

Source & Photo: SBS

Tip: S.Lee

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