INFINITE Covers the July Edition of the Charity Magazine, ‘The Big Issue Korea’

INFINITE is doing good once more.

After recently making headlines for its partnering with UNICEF INFINITE, now be seen in the charity magazine Big Issue.
For the July edition of Big Issue, INFINITE appeared as the cover model for July. The Big Issue celebrates its second year anniversary next month and is a charity magazine that operates in 10 different countries around the world. The magazine is sold by impoverished or homeless individuals to help make a living for him or herself.

On the group’s appearance in the magazine, INFINITE shared, “We’re thankful we were invited to a photo shoot for a good cause like this. We hope we can be of some assistance.”

The INFINITE-featuring 39th edition of the magazine now begin being sold today  (June 30). And places where the magazine on sale will be listed on The Big Issue Korea website. The magazine costs 3,000 won and a homeless salesperson will take 1,600 won and 1,400 won will be used to help rehabilitate the homeless.

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