INFINITE & Teen Top pose for a group photo before their ‘Music Bank’ special stage

TEEN TOP has shared a friendly group photo with INFINITE!

On June 29th, TEEN TOP shared on their official me2day, “Everyone watched our ‘Crazy‘ stage live, right? In a bit, TEEN TOP and INFINITE will have a special stage! We’d love it if you looked forward to it. Babam!”

Taken backstage of ‘Music Bank‘s half-year special, the two groups crowd around together for the camera ahead of their special collaboration stage. Last night, the two took turns performing “추격자 (The Chaser)” and “To You“.

Netizens commented, “They’re all so handsome, my eyes are satisfied”, “Their stage was like eye candy for the heart”, and “Despite switching off songs, their lives were still perfect”.

Source & Image


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