INFINITE WooHyun and Teen Top Niel Exhibit Sausage Lips

With nicely plump lips, INFINITE’s Woo Hyun and Teen Top’s Niel recently gained the nicknames ‘Lip Prince,’ and ‘Sausage Lips.’

On June 29, Woo Hyun tweeted, “I want to see you soon – Lip Prince Woo Hyun.” In the attached picture, Woo Hyun is seen puckering up his lips to the camera, as if to give a kiss to his fans. All attention fell towards his lips, which were even highlighted by the lighting of the photo.

Similarly to Woo Hyun, Niel’s lips were also spotlighted. Already known to have distinctly plump lips, Niel revealed on MBC’s Week Idol on June 27, that when he wakes up in the morning, his eyes don’t get swell up, but his lips do

To prove what he said, Niel took a nap during the show and the MCs found out that what Niel was saying was the truth.

His lips did significantly bloat up during his sleep, giving Niel the new nickname of ‘Sausage Lips.’

Netizens who saw the photos were surprised at how full Woo Hyun and especially Niel’s lips got.

They commented, “Those lips are to die for,” and “That’s so weird that his lips swell up like that.”

Source & Photo credit: @wowwh & MBC

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