INFINITE’s August Concert, “That Summer”

Idol group INFINITE will perform from August 8-12 with their concert titled, “INFINITE Concert- That Summer.”

With 2000 seats per hall, they plan on performing in front of a total of 10,000 fans. They chose a smaller venue in order to be closer to their fans.

INFINITE plans on putting a fresh twist to their dance by performing an unplugged version.

Just like the lyrics from their title song on their third mini album, “That Summer,” INFINITE plans on putting on an unforgettable lyrical summer performance.

INFINITE boasts about heir first concert in February titled, “Second Invasion,” which sold out within five minutes, along with their encore concert, “Second Invasion Evolution,” which sold out with a total of 10,000 seats.

INFINITE’s agency, Woolim Entertainment expressed, “We wanted to make this one about the fans who showed unwavering support” and “You’ll be able to see INFINITE’s forte in live performances.”

“That Summer” concert tickets will be sold starting on July 12.

More Detail:

2012 INFINITE CONCERT <That Summer>
– Concert Name: 2012 INFINITE CONCERT “That Summer”
– Date: 8/8/2012 (Wed) – 8/10/2012 (Friday) 8:00 PM
8/11/2012 (Sat) – 8/12/2012 (Sun) 6:00 PM
– Place: AX Korea
– Ticket Price: All seats 99,000 won (VAT included)
More close up
More heartfelt
Real story
The story of INFINITE
Eye to eye
Heart to heart
That summer
A newer feeling from last winter
A newer feeling from last spring
2012 INFINITE CONCERT “That Summer”
The first concert in 2012 February, SECOND INVASION,
From the encore concert SECOND INVASION [EVOLUTION]
INFINITE has mesmerized fans with their powerful performance.
2012 August, a new INFINITE will come back to sweep fans off their feet!
This concert will be more personal which you will be able to witness
[the real INFINITE], [real live performance]!
This concert will be open to all fans from July 12 (Thurs) from 8:00 PM.

Source of Info: INFINITE Official Google+

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