2PM’s Wooyoung compliments INFINITE「News」

2PM‘s Wooyoung who recently made his solo debut had nothing but positive things to say about fellow idol group INFINITE.

In a recent interview for TVReport, Wooyoung revealed, “I think INFINITE is doing really well these days. When I first saw them, I knew they were special. I’ve already spoken about them with the other 2PM members before, but I have a feeling that they will continue to be successful. I haven’t seen a performance like the way INFINITE performs before and rather than trying to always give a strong appearance [on stage], they show a more youthful side by having well-coordinated dancing which really impressed me.”

Wooyoung also talked about his goals, “I personally have a dream to be a producer and I would like to produce a boy group like INFINITE.”

Concerning the unavoidable competition between idol groups, “Because there are a lot of rookie idol groups these days and whenever we see talented artists, we feel a bit uneasy. But that uneasiness motivates us to work harder.”

Source: TVReport via Naver

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