INFINITE’s ‘That Summer’ Concert Tickets Sell Out in 15 Minutes!「News」

INFINITE showed off their ever growing popularity as the tickets for their upcoming concert have sold out.

INFINITE has started selling tickets for their upcoming 5 day concert ‘That Summer’ on the 8th.

Having sold out their previous concerts immediately, it came as no surprise as servers become overloaded with fans trying to get a hold of a ticket for the upcoming concerts. Within 15 minutes, a total of 10,000 tickets for all five days of the concert were sold out and the unlucky ones have been calling in to ask for more.

The upcoming concert series is an “emotional concert” in which the members will aim to become closer with their fans by holding performances at a smaller venue over the course of five days rather than holding a large scale concert that is not as intimate. In addition to the tickets selling out, search terms related to the group and the concert took over the real time search term charts before tickets went on sale, gaining public interest.

Woollim Entertainment commented, “We thank all the fans for their interest in INFINITE. INFINITE members are practicing hard to show you new sides of themselves for ‘That Summer’ concert series.”

“That Summer” concert will be held from August 8th through the 12th at AX-Korea.


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