Tak Jae Hoon Falls in Love with Sungjong’s ‘Lemon Drop’ Charm「News」

There was once a time when Infinite’s youngest, Sungjong, briefly starred in a children′s show with the famous line, “When you have a lot of thoughts, lemon drops are the best!”

Who knew this one line could cause so much hilarity.

Sungjong and the other INFINITE members appeared on Mnet’s “The Beatles Code2” on July 9. There, the MCs asked Sungjong to reenact his show on the spot.

Although he was a bit hesitant, Sungjong adorably reenacted the scene, which was followed by a second of awkward silence before every person in the studio began laughing in semi-embarrassment.

But MC Tak Jae Hoon seemed to especially enjoy the line, even reenacting it himself, saying that there was something special about that short sentence.

He asked Sungjong for an encore and being the obliging person that he is, Sungjong redid the scene, only to hide his face in embarrassment while everyone burst out laughing once more.


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