INFINITE Members Wear Their Own Clothes at the Airport「Interview」

The members of INFINITE revealed that they put together their own styles for the airport.

When they recently met with enews in casual attire, they said about their clothes that day, “These are our own clothes that we wore based on our own tastes.”

The members also added, “We shop when we have free time. We put together our airport fashions ourselves.”

Since idol airport fashions have started to draw attention, some idol groups have received support from clothing brands for airport fashions. In other words, idol airport fashions are sometimes also touched up by the stars’ stylists. The Infinite members, however, wear their own clothes at the airport.

“We didn’t know other idol groups receive support [from brands] for airport fashions,” the members said. “We’ll have to care more for our styles, too.”

Past photos of Infinite taken at the airport show each member’s taste in clothing. Most of the members donned pale colors with jeans and t-shirts. The youngest member Sung Jong was the only one that enjoyed wearing pastel colors.

In the meeting with enews, Sung Jong was again wearing pastel-colored short pants with a striped sailor t-shirt.

Airport fashions are always a point of interest for fans, because they can see the stars in their natural styles instead of the styles put on them by their stylists. Some in showbiz joke that you’re not a star unless you’ve had your photo taken at the airport at least once.

Stars have started to care more for their fashions as airport fashions have become more and more popular. Their agencies prepare beforehand knowing that the press will be at the airport, or sometimes the agencies take the pictures themselves.

Photo credit: Infinite-Orbit via enewsworld


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