INFINITE’s Sunggyu Leaves ‘Immortal Song 2’「News」

INFINITE’s Sunggyu will be leaving “Immortal Song 2.”

The July 16th filming of the KBS program was INFINITE’s Sunggyu’s last recording.

Lead vocalist Sunggyu became a fixed cast member of “Immortal Song 2” this past May along with Super Junior’s Ryeowook. Along with fellow INFINITE member Woohyun, he’s the second member to star on the show.

Sunggyu first appeared on the program on the Yang Hee Eun’s special performing the song “A Love that Cannot Be,” and continued to impress viewers in later performances with Yoon Il Sang’s “Wave” and Hyun Chul’s “With the Star in My Heart.”

Airing on the 21st, the last broadcast of “Immortal Song 2” with Sunggyu as a contestant will be a summer music special, and will feature Lee Saung Eun and Lee Sang Woo.

In other news, INFINITE will begin ‘INFINITE Concert That Summer’ in Seoul on August 8.

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