INFINITE Sweeps Japan Charts before Official Promotions「News」

INFINITE has been sweeping Japan’s music charts, gaining much attention.

On July 24, INFINITE’s entertainment stated that their 3rd mini album limited edition showcase DVD, ‘INFINITIZE: THE MISSION,’ ranked number 1 on the Japan Oricon DVD Chart.

This showcase DVD showed footage of their showcase from May where they toured 5 cities in Korea in just one day. The clips showed them getting ready, practicing, back stage and performing.

Although they have comeback on July 17 with their new single, “She’s Back,” they still had about a month to go before their Japan promotions. Even without officially promoting themselves in Japan, they have already gained much popularity and ranked first and second on the music chart as well as their showcase DVD, proving their great popularity in Japan.

INFINITE debuted in Japan last November with, BTD (Before the dawn). Their second single, “Be Mine,” ranked number 2 on the Oricon Single Chart, showing their fast growth in Japan.

INFINITE plans to release “She’s Back” in Japan on August 29.

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