INFINITE Releases Poster for ‘That Summer’ Concert!

INFINITE released their poster for their concert.

On July 12, INFINITE posted an image of their concert “That Summer,” showing off the member’s playful looks.

In the poster, the members are sitting on top of speaker amps and playing with the guitar. This image showed off a different side to their usual charismatic and powerful performances on stage.

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Tak Jae Hoon Falls in Love with Sungjong’s ‘Lemon Drop’ Charm「News」

There was once a time when Infinite’s youngest, Sungjong, briefly starred in a children′s show with the famous line, “When you have a lot of thoughts, lemon drops are the best!”

Who knew this one line could cause so much hilarity.

Sungjong and the other INFINITE members appeared on Mnet’s “The Beatles Code2” on July 9. There, the MCs asked Sungjong to reenact his show on the spot.

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Dongwoo Sweats Bullets while Talking about His First Kiss「News」

INFINITE’s Dongwoo appeared on Mnet’s “Beatles Code 2” with other members, L, Sungyeol and Sungjong, where he ended up sharing about his first kiss.

According to MC Shindong, there was a rumor that Dongwoo’s first kiss involved eating over 40 pieces of candy at 11pm at night.

In order to explain the event without any misunderstanding, Dongwoo began talking, but being caught a bit off-guard, started stuttering and mixing up his words, creating even bigger misunderstandings.

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Myungsoo L is the Most Handsome and Highest Paid in INFINITE「News」

On the July 9th broadcast of Mnet’s “Beatles Code 2,” INFINITE’s L revealed that he rakes in the most income out of the group.

Woohyun commented, “L is known as the member who buys a lot of good food for the staff members as well.”

To this, L replied, “If I spend as much as I earn, I believe that it’ll all come back to me.”

Then he shyly added, maintaining his humility, “I feel like you need to give back as much as you gain. Besides, even if I make the most it is only 10,000 won (~9 USD) more.”

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2PM’s Wooyoung compliments INFINITE「News」

2PM‘s Wooyoung who recently made his solo debut had nothing but positive things to say about fellow idol group INFINITE.

In a recent interview for TVReport, Wooyoung revealed, “I think INFINITE is doing really well these days. When I first saw them, I knew they were special. I’ve already spoken about them with the other 2PM members before, but I have a feeling that they will continue to be successful. I haven’t seen a performance like the way INFINITE performs before and rather than trying to always give a strong appearance [on stage], they show a more youthful side by having well-coordinated dancing which really impressed me.”

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INFINITE joins impressive lineup of Japan’s Summer Sonic in August

Korean boy band INFINITE has been added to the lineup of one of Japan’s largest summer music festival, Summer Sonic.

Following the announcement of popular Korean bands joining the outdoor fest — including Jang Ki-ha and Faces, Guckkasten and Jang Keun-suk’s project duo Team H –, INFINITE has been set to grace the stage opening in Tokyo and Osaka on August 18 and 19.

The seven-member idol group will take the Mountain Stage at the QVC Marine Field in Tokyo on August 18, along with famous international artists.

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