INFINITE’s Junior Group Tasty Aims for Asia

This duo’s aiming to become Asia’s no. 1 performance duo, and has just taken its big first step toward its goal.

Tasty, the new duo that released its debut album Spectrum on August 9, is Woolim Entertainment’s newest boy group. The group follows in the footsteps of its big-name label mate seniors such as Infinite, Nell and Jisun.

A rep from Woolim Entertainment said, “Tasty is a giant rookie armed with thorough preparations and on-stage experience, and will aim to put on performances on a completely different level with new styles, new music and new performances. The group has especially been gathering much interest, even getting a fanclub before its debut, after it became known that it was skilled enough to be taught by A-class choreographers that worked with Beyonce, Chris Brown and Ne-Yo in New York.”

The rep added, “Tasty’s contrasting teaser photos and the black and white, thrilling teaser video rose to the top of portal site keyword search lists and best music video ranks on video sites, showing how high the group has been soaring with its newfound popularity.”

The promotional single You Know Me, from the group’s four-track debut album, breaks through ordinary melody-based forms to mix together pop, electro, dub and hip-hop genres. It is a song that can bring out the best in Tasty’s diverse performances.

Tasty plans to make its debut through the August 9 broadcast of Mnet’s M Countdown.

Source: Mnet

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