INFINITE Raises the Standard for Idol Group Concerts!

INFINITE’s concert “INFINITE Concert ‘That Summer'” kicked off on August 8 at the Seoul Ax Hall. Unlike their concert 4 months ago at the Olympic Gymnasium in Seoul sat over 10,000 people in the audience, the members of INFINITE performed in front of a crowd of 2,000.

The concert was held in a much smaller event hall compared to the Olympic Gymnasium which meant that the members of INFINITE could perform much close to their fans. Each member of INFINITE spent 100 intimate minutes with fans that gathered to see them from all over the world.

A Different Type of Fun

INFINITE’s “That Summer” Concert sold out all of the 2,000 seats within 15 minutes after they went on sale. Each ticket was sold for approximately $87 USD. Many fans were upset that they couldn’t purchase a ticket before they sold out.

However, it wasn’t the first time INIFINITE’s concert tickets were sold out in a record time. For the fifth time, every last ticket for their concert was sold out. Countless fans showed up in front of the Seoul Ax Hall hours before the concert began and with high hopes of getting a better view of INFINITE, they all headed towards the standing “seats” towards the front of the stage.

Even though the stage was significantly smaller than the one at the Olympic Gymnasium, every single member of INFINITE delivered powerful performances from the beginning until the end of the concert. The concert began with “She’s Back” and sang “Leave it to Me” to work up their fans. Even from the beginning, the members began to blow kisses at their fans and were able to make eye contact with their fans, thanks to the small concert hall.

On a stage that was close enough for their fans to feel their sweat drops, INFINITE performed “Only Tears” and “With” to create a romantic/melancholy mood. They continued with powerful songs like “BTD”, “Be Mine” and “The Chaser” and took the fans’ breaths away.

Fans in the standing “seats” almost got out of hand when people from the back kept pushing. When Woohyun saw what was happening, he stated, “It makes it really hard for us if you continue to act that way. I see that you’re in pain. We would really appreciate it if you all became orderly.”

Can’t Take Their Eyes Off Even for Second

Usually, the video clips that are played during the middle of the concert are understood to be something that is used to stall the concert. Video clips are usually used to keep the fans entertained while the artist(s) prepare for their next performance. The videos usually include behind the scenes videos or self-camera videos to fill in the gap in between performances. INFINITE however, was different.

The members of INFINITE went on a camping trip with the concept of “That Summer” in mind to match the theme of their concert. They began to play the truth game when Sungyu was asked to explain why he doesn’t like the CEO of their entertainment agency. Sungyu replied, “Because he doesn’t wash his face very often. He always tells me what to do. And he’s very sensitive.”

When L was asked to say “Yes” or “No” to the statement that nobody could compare to the handsome features L has, he answered “Yes” and brought laughter to the audience with his honesty.

Other members of INFINITE wrote messages like “Please show us your modesty about your looks” and “I like your honesty… but people might get angry if you’re too honest” to the over confident L and brought even more laughter to the concert. Also, an unidentified member wrote “I secretly wore your underwear once” to Sungjong and created an incredible amount of curiosity.

The rest of the members began to gang up on the 24-year-old leader Sungyu. One member wrote, “Please flush the toilet after you use the bathroom” which shocked Sungyu who denied the whole thing.

Also, Woohyun stated “I think I might be being way too nice to my girlfriend because she seems to be getting sick of me” and called his countless fans his girlfriends. L, who heard Woohyun’s comment replied, “How many girlfriends do you have? Let’s get closer. I’ll take responsibility for all the emotional stuff” which made their fans go crazy.

What a Perfect Title. The Truth of All Encore Songs “Come Back Again”

At their encore concert, Sunjong performed to the song “Coming-of Age Ceremony”, Hoya went shirtless and performed a dance number, Sungyeol performed to “Sexy Back”, Woohyun performed “Couple” and Dongwoo transformed into a rocker for their individual performances. This time however, they completely changed it up and prepared a whole new set of performances.

INFINITE’s concert ended with “Chaser” and “Be Mine” and disappeared behind the stage. As soon as the members left the stage, the fans began shouting for a request for an encore. The fans shouted out “Come Back Again” and revealed their never ending love for INFINITE that will always keep them wanting more and more. The music for “Come Back Again” began to play and the fans began to go wild with happiness. All the members of INFINITE appeared on stage once again and performed “With” while flower petals began falling from the sky and the “That Summer” came to an end.

Meanwhile, INFINITE’s “INFINITE Concert That Summer” will continue through the 12th of this month at the Seoul Ax Hall.

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