What is Inspirit Cambodia?
Inspirit (인스피릿) it as the official name of Infinite’s fan club. Without 70% of the vote saying’ Yes’ after Company help a poll. And I am the one of Cambodia’s Inspirit, and ‘ Cambodia’ there was a Country in Asia continent, a lot of Cambodian people that crazy without K-pop, but I though all K-pop Artists no one think about us, care about us. Whatever the K-pop Artists think of us, I always try to be a good fan of them, which are my favorite Idols, and I would like to create this blog for share all about Infinite(The one of my favorite Idol) to Inspirits around the world.
Why make Inspirit Cambodia?
I designed this blog to bring together like minded fans like myself who enjoy discussing and squeeing about what’s it’s like to be fans of Infinite.
Who runs Inspirit Cambodia?
Only me, Narich Run better know as Sunrise, Sunshine, Gabriel or WoongJ.

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