SUNGGYU (Leader, Main Vocalist)

Name: Kim Sung Gyu (김성규)
Birthdate: 04/28/89
Height: 178cm
Blood Type: A
Hobbies: Watching movies, listening to music.
Talent: Speaking Chinese

DONGWOO (Main Rapper, Lead Dancer, Vocalist)

Name: Jang Dong Woo (장동우)
Birthdate: 11/22/90
Height: 175cm
Blood Type: A
Hobbies: Skateboarding.
Talent: Beatboxing, snowboarding.

WOOHYUN (Main Vocalist)

Name: Nam Woo Hyun (남우현)
Birthdate: 02/08/91
Height: 176cm
Blood Type: B
Hobbies: Skiing, tennis.
Talent: Cooking

HOYA (Main Dancer, Lead Rapper, Vocalist)

Name: Lee Ho Won (이호원)
Birthdate: 03/28/91
Height: 178cm
Blood Type: AB
Hobbies: Playing games.
Talents: Dance, rap.

SUNGYEOL (Vocalist, Rapper)

Name: Lee Sung Yeol (이성열)
Birthdate: 08/27/91
Height: 180cm
Blood Type: B
Talent: Rap

L (Visual/Face of Infinite, Lead Vocalist)

Name: Kim Myung Soo (김명수)
Birthdate: 03/13/92
Height: 178cm
Blood Type: O
Hobbies: Cooking, exercise, rap.
Talent: Rap.

SUNGJONG (Vocalist, Maknae)

Name: Lee Sung Jong (이성종)
Birthdate: 09/03/93
Height: 177cm
Blood Type: A

Song :

First Invasion
∞ Infinity (∞)
∞ Come Back Again (다시 돌아와)
∞ She’s Back
∞ Wings (날개)
∞ Fixed Star (붙박이 별)
∞ Entrust (맡겨)

∞ Evolution (Intro)
∞ BTD (Before The Dawn)
∞ Can U Smile
∞ Hysterie
∞ Voice of My Heart (마음으로)
∞ I Don’t Know (몰라)

∞ Nothing’s Over
∞ Shot
∞ Can U Smile (Remake)

Over The Top
∞ Over The Top (Intro)
∞ Be Mine (내꺼하자)
∞ A Third Part (3분의 1)
∞ Tic Toc
∞ Julia
∞ Because [Sunggyu solo]
∞ Stop The Time (시간아) [Woohyun solo]
∞ Amazing
∞ Crying [Infinite H ft. Baby Soul]
∞ Real Story

(Repackaged Album)
∞ Paradise (파라다이스)
∞ Cover Girl
∞ Be Mine (remix ver) (내꺼하자)

∞ Infinitize
∞ The Chaser (추격자)
∞ Feel So Bad
∞ That Summer (그해여름)
∞ Only Tears (눈물만)
∞ I Like You (니거좋다)
∞ With…

(Japanese single)
∞ BTD (Before the Dawn) (Japanese version)
∞ Can U Smile (Remake)
∞ BTD (Before the Dawn) (Korean version)
∞ BTD (Before the Dawn) (Instrumental)
∞ Be Mine (Japanese version)

Variety Shows :

៙Infinite! You are my oppa!
៙Days of Infinite
៙Quiz That Changes The World (SungYeol)
៙Wowman (DongWoo)
៙Lucky Strike (WooHyun)
៙Mnet’s M-Rookies
៙Scandal (SungGyu, WooHyun)
៙1 vs. 100 (SungGyu, WooHyun, L)
៙Big Star! Dance Grand Prix
៙Flower Bouquet (ep.08, ep.11, ep.29)
៙Children of the Night (ep.01, ep.02, ep.03, ep.04)
៙Infinity Girls
៙Let’s Go! Dream Team (Hoya)
៙100 out of 100″ (ep.25 – 28) (SungGyu, DongWoo, WooHyun, Hoya, L)
៙Let’s Go! Dream Team (Special Episode) (WooHyun)
៙Mak Irae Show
៙The Beatles Code (DongWoo, WooHyun, Hoya)
៙Directors Cut (SungGyu, Hoya, L)
៙Secret T
៙Sesame Player Season 2
៙Star King (WooHyun)
៙Mnet Starcam Season 2 with Infinite
៙Strong Heart (WooHyun)
៙Immortal Song 2 (WooHyun)
៙Show! Music Core (WooHyun and SungYeol as One Day MCs)
៙Comedy Big League (DongWoo, SungYeol, L)
៙Birth of a Family
៙Moon Night 90 ( Hoya, WooHyun, SungYeol )
៙Mnet’s Beatles Code2

Dramas :

៙While You Were Sleeping (SungYeol)
៙Jiu Police Criminal Investigation (Myungsoo/L)
៙Shut Up! Flower Boy Band (Myungsoo/L)
៙Reply 1997 (Hoya)


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