INFINITE to attend ‘2012 SBS K-Pop Festival in LA’「News」

K-Pop fans must be excited to hear that leading idol groups are to visit Los Angeles once again next month.

The event ‘2012 SBS K-Pop Festival in LA’ has been announced on Facebook and Twitter page to take place at The Home Depot Center in California on July 6.

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INFINITE Showcase in 5 Cities in a Day Completed Successfully with 70,000 Fans

A showcase that is to cover 5 cities in a day is unheard of INFINITE shared, “n the beginning we wondered whether this can really happen. However as everyone joined together in one heart we made it possible. We weren’t able to meet our fans in other cities and today we were happy to meet them up close and personal. We are surprised that we were able to make the showcase happen.”

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INFINITE 3rd mini album, INFINITIZE Showcase: THE MISSION 「News」 12/05/04

INFINITE is planning to use a helicopter to visit 5 cities within a day. To produce such an unprecedented showcase it was reported that each city will utilize not only the most number of staffs but invest Asia’s largest supply that has wowed many with their scale alone.

INFINITE announced their plan regarding an unprecedented showcase ‘One Day Tour’ before their come back.

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INFINITE’s Encore Concert Huge Success ‘Dazzled the World’ 「News」

Popular idol group INFINITE has driven 15,000 enthusiastic fans wild once again in a month and a half.

INFINTIE encore concert ‘Second Invasion –Evolution’ took place today at Seoul Olympic Park Gymnastics Arena. The group opened the stage with their hit songs ‘Come Back Again,’ continuing on with ‘Be Mine,’ ‘White Confession (Lately) and individual performances as well.

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INFINITE to partner with YouTube to live stream performances from their 「Second Invasion–Evolution」 Encore Concert

“Trend idols” INFINITE has partnered with YouTube to put on a special, one-time event.

INFINITE, who is set to hold their encore concert ‘Second Invasion-Evolution‘ at the Seoul Olympic Park Arena on April 1st, will broadcast a special video titled ‘Exclusive! INFINITE Special‘ on YouTube right before the start of the concert.

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