INFINITE Unveils New Concert Poster, Details of Its Japan Arena Tour

INFINITE will embark on its second arena tour this month with some 60,000 fans in total.

A representative for Woollim Entertainment revealed details over INFINITE’s upcoming Japan arena tour saying, “We plan to begin INFINITE’s large-scale Japan arena tour in October. The tour will begin with two concerts at the Yokohama Arena on October 27 and 28 and will then move through the cities of Nagoya, Kobe and Fukuoka. A total of some 60,000 concert attendees are expected to attend.”

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INFINITE reveals Waiting Room Concept Posters for Concert Series

After selling out a total of 10,000 seats, Infinite revealed a second poster for the group’s upcoming concert series titled That Summer

The poster was revealed on July 16 through Woollim Entertainment, showing the seven members of Infinite dressed up in neat formal suits, looking dashing in front of the brightly lit mirrors in a waiting room.

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INFINITE’s ‘That Summer’ Concert Tickets Sell Out in 15 Minutes!「News」

INFINITE showed off their ever growing popularity as the tickets for their upcoming concert have sold out.

INFINITE has started selling tickets for their upcoming 5 day concert ‘That Summer’ on the 8th.

Having sold out their previous concerts immediately, it came as no surprise as servers become overloaded with fans trying to get a hold of a ticket for the upcoming concerts. Within 15 minutes, a total of 10,000 tickets for all five days of the concert were sold out and the unlucky ones have been calling in to ask for more.

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INFINITE Showcase in 5 Cities in a Day Completed Successfully with 70,000 Fans

A showcase that is to cover 5 cities in a day is unheard of INFINITE shared, “n the beginning we wondered whether this can really happen. However as everyone joined together in one heart we made it possible. We weren’t able to meet our fans in other cities and today we were happy to meet them up close and personal. We are surprised that we were able to make the showcase happen.”

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INFINITE 3rd mini album, INFINITIZE Showcase: THE MISSION 「News」 12/05/04

INFINITE is planning to use a helicopter to visit 5 cities within a day. To produce such an unprecedented showcase it was reported that each city will utilize not only the most number of staffs but invest Asia’s largest supply that has wowed many with their scale alone.

INFINITE announced their plan regarding an unprecedented showcase ‘One Day Tour’ before their come back.

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