INFINITE’s Sunggyu Leaves ‘Immortal Song 2’「News」

INFINITE’s Sunggyu will be leaving “Immortal Song 2.”

The July 16th filming of the KBS program was INFINITE’s Sunggyu’s last recording.

Lead vocalist Sunggyu became a fixed cast member of “Immortal Song 2” this past May along with Super Junior’s Ryeowook. Along with fellow INFINITE member Woohyun, he’s the second member to star on the show.

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Tak Jae Hoon Falls in Love with Sungjong’s ‘Lemon Drop’ Charm「News」

There was once a time when Infinite’s youngest, Sungjong, briefly starred in a children′s show with the famous line, “When you have a lot of thoughts, lemon drops are the best!”

Who knew this one line could cause so much hilarity.

Sungjong and the other INFINITE members appeared on Mnet’s “The Beatles Code2” on July 9. There, the MCs asked Sungjong to reenact his show on the spot.

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Dongwoo Sweats Bullets while Talking about His First Kiss「News」

INFINITE’s Dongwoo appeared on Mnet’s “Beatles Code 2” with other members, L, Sungyeol and Sungjong, where he ended up sharing about his first kiss.

According to MC Shindong, there was a rumor that Dongwoo’s first kiss involved eating over 40 pieces of candy at 11pm at night.

In order to explain the event without any misunderstanding, Dongwoo began talking, but being caught a bit off-guard, started stuttering and mixing up his words, creating even bigger misunderstandings.

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Myungsoo L is the Most Handsome and Highest Paid in INFINITE「News」

On the July 9th broadcast of Mnet’s “Beatles Code 2,” INFINITE’s L revealed that he rakes in the most income out of the group.

Woohyun commented, “L is known as the member who buys a lot of good food for the staff members as well.”

To this, L replied, “If I spend as much as I earn, I believe that it’ll all come back to me.”

Then he shyly added, maintaining his humility, “I feel like you need to give back as much as you gain. Besides, even if I make the most it is only 10,000 won (~9 USD) more.”

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Sung Gyu Gets Revenge on WooHyun on ‘Ranking King’

Aired on June 27, Mnet’s Infinite Ranking King had the boys of INFINITE participating in a simple quiz to find out which member was the king of knowledge.

In the board game quiz, the members had to hit the buzzer when they knew the answer to a quiz question. If they answer correctly, they would move to different spaces, which can either be beneficial or hazardous to their statuses in the game.

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INFINITE WooHyun and Teen Top Niel Exhibit Sausage Lips

With nicely plump lips, INFINITE’s Woo Hyun and Teen Top’s Niel recently gained the nicknames ‘Lip Prince,’ and ‘Sausage Lips.’

On June 29, Woo Hyun tweeted, “I want to see you soon – Lip Prince Woo Hyun.” In the attached picture, Woo Hyun is seen puckering up his lips to the camera, as if to give a kiss to his fans. All attention fell towards his lips, which were even highlighted by the lighting of the photo.

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INFINITE meet a child suffering from epilepsy

The members of INFINITE and G.NA recently met with a child, Eun Sub Yi, who is suffering from epilepsy.

The life story of Eun Sub Yi will be featured on the upcoming June 26th episode of SBS‘s ‘The Most Beautiful Journey in the World’. Because the boy’s mother was experiencing pre-eclampsia, a medical condition in which one has high blood-pressure during pregnancy, she underwent emergency surgery in order to give birth to him. Eun Sub Yi was consequently born with brain damage, and was placed in an incubator immediately for a month.

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INFINITE’s Sunggyu serenades the ladies with his ballad performance on ‘Immortal Song 2′

INFINITE member Sunggyyu successfully completed his first ‘Immortal Song 2‘ performance.

For Part II of the ‘Yang Hee Eun Special‘ of Immortal Song 2, Sunggyu melted the hearts of the ladies in the audience with his emotional ballad performance.

This was his first performance after joining the program last week, and fans were eagerly awaiting the performance by INFINITE’s charismatic leader.

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Kim Jang Hoon thoughtfully sacrifices dressing room for idol group INFINITE

Singer Kim Jang Hoon gave up his dressing room for junior idol group INFINITE.

The photo below recently surfaced on an online community site with the caption, ‘Kim Jang Hoon Dressing Room Donation‘. The photo was previously shared on INFINITE member Sungyeol‘s Twitter page, where he had written, “Senior Kim Jang Hoon donated the dressing room,” while also stating that his senior’s new song “Sunny Day” is ‘daebak‘.

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INFINITE reveals the hard work behind their perfect dance moves「News」

Without a doubt, INFINITE is one of the first names thought of at the mention of perfectly synchronized dance moves. Right from their debut, the boys have earned the attention left and right for their impeccable synchronization and teamwork.

On the June 15th broadcast of KBS‘s ‘Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook‘, the boys were asked about just that, to which leader Sunggyu revealed that the secret to their synchronization was all in the practice. “We practiced our dancing for 18 hours a day. Before our debut, we’d start dancing as soon as we opened our eyes. With all the hours of dance practice, we got injured a lot and even had to be carried out on stretchers at times.”

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