INFINITE to partner with YouTube to live stream performances from their 「Second Invasion–Evolution」 Encore Concert

“Trend idols” INFINITE has partnered with YouTube to put on a special, one-time event.

INFINITE, who is set to hold their encore concert ‘Second Invasion-Evolution‘ at the Seoul Olympic Park Arena on April 1st, will broadcast a special video titled ‘Exclusive! INFINITE Special‘ on YouTube right before the start of the concert.

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Myungsoo proves his acting skills with his ‘sobbing act’ on Shut Up! Flower Boy Band 12/03/26

L, who is attracting attention with his sobbing act on Shut Up! Flower Boy Band, will make many women’s heart flutter by revealing his thoughts on his sobbing act on a special broadcast.

On ‘The Special’ episode of tvN’s Shut Up! Flower Boy Band that will be revealed on March 26, L’s sobbing scene will go on broadcast.

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