T-ara’s Hyo Min and Woohyun Snapped on a Grocery Date?

INFINITE’s Woohyun and T-ara’s Hyo Min have ′caught′ together.

On July 14, Hyomin tweeted, “While coming back from grocery shopping with Infinite’s Woo Hyun we were caught.”

The picture showed a casually dressed Woohyun holding up sacks of groceries and walking with Hyomin in a yellow top and leopard-print skirt and heels. The two were snapped walking outside.

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INFINITE WooHyun and Teen Top Niel Exhibit Sausage Lips

With nicely plump lips, INFINITE’s Woo Hyun and Teen Top’s Niel recently gained the nicknames ‘Lip Prince,’ and ‘Sausage Lips.’

On June 29, Woo Hyun tweeted, “I want to see you soon – Lip Prince Woo Hyun.” In the attached picture, Woo Hyun is seen puckering up his lips to the camera, as if to give a kiss to his fans. All attention fell towards his lips, which were even highlighted by the lighting of the photo.

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Kim Jang Hoon thoughtfully sacrifices dressing room for idol group INFINITE

Singer Kim Jang Hoon gave up his dressing room for junior idol group INFINITE.

The photo below recently surfaced on an online community site with the caption, ‘Kim Jang Hoon Dressing Room Donation‘. The photo was previously shared on INFINITE member Sungyeol‘s Twitter page, where he had written, “Senior Kim Jang Hoon donated the dressing room,” while also stating that his senior’s new song “Sunny Day” is ‘daebak‘.

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Dongwoo Twitter update!

느하하 떨리는 토요일~.~ 불타는 토요일!~ 기분좋은 날 입안도 녹여드려요 온몸에 긴장도 풀풀풀…모양이 복숭아같지않아요!? 이제 곧 만나서 모두! 사랑을 나눠요(?)(!) 추신≒ 왕추위니까 두텁게 입으시지요♪

Translation: Neuhaha, a nervous Saturday ~.~ A burning Saturday!~ A good day. Even the inside of your mouth will be melted. All the tense feelings in your body will also vanish… Doesn’t the shape of this look like a peach!? Let’s meet soon and share! love with everyone(?)(!) P.S ≒ Since it’s really cold, wear your clothes thickly ♪

Source: @ddww1122