INFINITE cut-outs!! Version 2!

WHO’S SAD THAT THEY CAN’T GO TO INFINITE’S FIRST SOLO CONCERT IN S. KOREA?! I AM! Hahaha. You know the drill! Save, print, cut, fold! Thick paper recommended. Submit your cool adventures with these! Since I haven’t update in FOREVER, this is a gift for everyone n_n!! I hope you all enjoy it. Thank you for still following ask-inpiniteu ;A; & if you are going to the 「Second Invasion」 concert, please be safe and have fun!! 

PS I tried to make these as accurate as possible, with all the sudden hair changes and all ;u;” Please don’t claim them as your own, thanks!

^^ too much thanks, ask-inpiniteu!! I really love all of these~ ♡

Credit: ask-inpiniteu