INFINITE Reveals Music Video for ‘She’s Back’ (Japanese Version)

Let’s play for this summer with the boys of ‘Infinite’ because music video for ‘She’s Back’ Japanese version is out!

After revealing video teaser before, Infinite finally releases music video for their third Japanese single, ‘She’s Back’. Just like in the original, the Korean version, this PV also give a summer feeling where you can see Infinite’s member playing around in a beach and swimming pool.

You can check out the music video first while waiting for the release of this single on August 29th!

Sung Gyu Gets Revenge on WooHyun on ‘Ranking King’

Aired on June 27, Mnet’s Infinite Ranking King had the boys of INFINITE participating in a simple quiz to find out which member was the king of knowledge.

In the board game quiz, the members had to hit the buzzer when they knew the answer to a quiz question. If they answer correctly, they would move to different spaces, which can either be beneficial or hazardous to their statuses in the game.

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INFINITE releases Preview video for their Comeback Album 12/05/14

With the day of their comeback so near, INFINITE has released a preview of their new album.

On May 14th, INFINITE released the tracklist containing the 7 songs that will be on their third mini-album ‘INFINITIZE‘ through their official homepage and also allowed their fans to listen to 20 seconds of each of the songs beforehand, thereby receiving a hot wave of responses from their fans.

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INFINITE Teaser of New Single ‘The Chaser’, Movie? Or Music Video?

INFINITE revealed the teaser of their title song for upcoming new album as their comeback is drawing closer.

The title song ‘The Chaser’ teaser video was released through YouTube from yesterday midnight. It garnered a lot of attentions as their music video teaser has three essential elements that resemble a blockbuster movie such as scale, spectacle, and story.

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