INFINITE Delivers a Splendid Performance at ‘Summer Sonic’ 2012

INFINITE finished their part in “2012 Summer Sonic” very successfully.

INFINTE was invited to represent K-Pop artists of this year at “2012 Summer Sonic” which is one of the biggest music festivals in Asia that open in Japan.

Artists like Green Day, Rihanna and Jamiroquai all attended this year’s “Summer Sonic” and amongst these internationally famous artists, INFINTE pulled their weight with a powerful performance characterized by their precise military-style dances.

INFINITE’s third single “She’s Back” will be released on August 29 in Japan and when they revealed their Japanese version live at the performance, the fans erupted in cheers and showed how much popularity the boy band is currently gaining.

Before the concert, INFINTE had a surprise fan meeting through Google+, which over 20,000 fans attended from 72 different countries. INFINITE seems to be a legitimate part of the K-pop movement worldwide.

In September of last year, INFINITE sold out their 3 solo concerts and in their Japanese concerts this past February, the 15,000 seats were sold out in a matter of 10 minutes. Their first Japanese single “BTD” made pre-sales of 70,000 copies and started off its run at #2 on the Oricon Single Chart. Their second single, “Be Mine” sold 50,000 copies in the first week. They’ve shown immense growth in the past year or so and they topped it off by being chosen as the Korean representative at this year’s “Summer Sonic.”

INFINITE is planning to start a grand Arena tour this coming October with 60,000 fans.

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